Digitisation will help delete the fraudsters from the trade finance system

Posted by Simon Streat

07 Feb 2017

Tampering with paper documents remains the most common type of fraud, either to legitimise a fraudulent transaction or to use completely false information to raise finance. Earlier this year, for example, it was reported that an employee at China Citic Bank’s Lanzhou city branch allegedly conspired with others to fake trade finance bills that were used as collateral to obtain a bankers’ acceptance,

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Busting the eight myths of digital trade finance

Posted by Simon Streat

19 Jan 2017

Digitisation of trade finance has huge potential to deliver significant benefits to corporates, banks, carriers and other trading partners. As well as reducing the time, costs and risks of trading, digitisation opens up a new level of visibility, from one end of transactional processes to the other, bringing clarity and oversight to all connected parties.

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Electronic bills of lading are part of the quiet revolution in world trade

Posted by Ian Kerr

21 Nov 2016

Paper must have seemed like a revolutionary medium when it came into use about 2,000 years ago in the East.  It certainly beat bamboo or silk as a means of recording what should be in a shipping consignment. We are probably at a similar crossroads now, where digitisation is opening up new opportunities for cost-saving automation, accuracy, speed and vastly-improved efficiency in trade documentation

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GTR Asia showed how the tide is turning in favour of digitising trade finance

Posted by Neil Johnson

29 Sep 2016


Now is the time for digitisation – that was certainly the widespread view at this year’s GTR Asia Trade & Treasury conference in Singapore.

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Corporates are shifting to multi-bank platforms – and taking all the credit

Posted by Simon Streat

22 Aug 2016

Large corporate organisations engaged in international trade face many difficulties when managing credit lines and guarantees provided by multiple banks.

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Treasuries carving out new territory in Hong Kong require a digital approach

Posted by Tatiana Ulak

28 Jun 2016

The corporate landscape is fast changing in the Far East as new incentives look set to lead to the creation of more regional treasury centres in Hong Kong.

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Topics: Multi-Bank Trade Finance, Treasury, Finance

Why is the financial supply chain still stuck in the digital dark ages?

Posted by Tatiana Ulak

22 Jun 2016

In the world of logistics and the physical supply chain, digitisation is now at the heart of everyday operations.

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The power of digitisation in bank guarantees

Posted by Tatiana Ulak

17 Jun 2016

All too frequently, companies relying on paper bank guarantees are surprised to find that these important documents are invalid.

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Mind the gap – how digitisation transforms trade finance for SME businesses

Posted by Tatiana Ulak

24 May 2016

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) generally find it very hard to obtain access to trade finance.  This has become all the more difficult with the advent of anti-money laundering regulations in banking and the requirements for institutions to “Know your customer” (KYC).

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Topics: World Trade, Digitisation, SME, Finance

Trade fraudsters love paper but are locked out by digitisation

Posted by Tatiana Ulak

10 May 2016

Fraud in trade finance remains a major problem – particularly in the deceptive shape of counterfeiting.

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Topics: Technology, Electronic Documents, Fraud